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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame




2012 Inductees

1. Goose Tatum: Harlem Globetrotters/RoadKings/Clowns
2. Marques Haynes: Harlem Globetrotters/Magicians
3. Larry "Gator" Rivers: Harlem Globetrotters/Shooting Stars/Legends
4. Inman Jackson: Harlem Globetrotters
5. Andy Johnson: Harlem Globetrotters/NBA
6. Ernest Wagner: Harlem Globetrotters/RoadKings
7. Meadowlark Lemon: Harlem Globetrotters/All-Stars/Bucketeers
8. Al "Runt" Pullins: Harlem Globetrotters/Clowns
9. Bob "ShowBoat" Hall: Harlem Globetrotters
10. Ray "ShowBoat" Clay: Harlem Clowns/Nationals
11. Art Smith: Harlem Travelers
12. Eural "Mac" McKelvy: Harlem Nationals
13. Sam "Sugar Foot" Johnson: Harlem Court Jesters
14. Sam "Boom" Wheeler: Harlem Globetrotters/Magicians
15. Boyd Buie: Harlem Globetrotters/Magicians
16. Josh Grider: Harlem Globetrotters/Magicians
17. Sonny Mitchell: Harlem RoadKings
18. "Sweetwater" Clifton: Harlem Globetrotters/Diplomats
19. Rookie Brown :Harlem Globetrotters/Satellites
20. Goose Jr: Harlem Diplomats
21. Rex "ShowBoat" Jones: Harlem Globe Travelers
22. Herbie Scaife: Harlem Clowns/Crowns


1. Harlem Globetrotters
2. Harlem Clowns
3. Harlem RoadKings
4. Harlem Diplomats
5. Harlem Satellites
6. Harlem All-Stars
7. Harlem Magicians
8. Meadowlark Lemon's Bucketeers
9. Harlem Court Jesters
10. Harlem Wizards


1. Abe Saperstein Harlem Globetrotters
2. Al "Runt" Pullins Harlem Clowns
3. Marques Haynes Harlem Magicians
4. Meadowlark Lemon Harlem All-Stars/Bucketeers
5. Boyd Buie Harlem Star
6. Goose Tatum Harlem RoadKings/Clowns/Stars
7. LaMont "ShowBoat" Robinson Harlem RoadKings/Globe
8. Bobby Grund Harlem Roadkings
9. Howie Davis Harlem Wizards
10. Rookie Brown Harlem Satellites
11. Rex "ShowBoat" Jones Harlem Travelers/Globetravelers
12. Eural "Mac" McKelvy Harlem Nationals
13. Herb Scaife Harlem Crowns
14. Sam "Boom" Wheelers Harlem Court Jesters
15. Hooks Harvey Harlem Diplomats
16. Michael Douglas Harlem Legends
17. Dale Moss Harlem Ambassadors
18. George Mitchell Harlem Rockets

This online Comedy Basketball Hall of Fame page is provided to give the history of some of the greatest players, owners and teams of comedy basketball. Our goal here at the CBHOF is to educate basketball fans all over the world about the history of comedy basketball and let the fans know that there were and are more teams in comedy basketball then just the Harlem Globetrotters. As well as give credit to the unsung heroes and teams that have played for years and have made a great contribution to the game of basketball. It will also show the importance of them being placed in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Let's change the thinking of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame to induct players and teams that are not only players in the NBA. Harlem Globtotters greats, like Al "Runt" Pullins, owner of the Harlem Clowns and Goose Tatum, basketball's 1st national superstar, are not in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, nor is Fred "Curly" Neal and some many others. Let's have a letter writing campaign to induct Goose Tatum, Fred "Curly" Neal, Al "Runt" Pullins and many more players that played for other comedy basketball teams.

The other goal of the Comedy Basketball Hall of Fame is to be part of the building plans for the National Sports Hall of Fame Museum,, which is founded by the Comedy King of Basketball and owner of the new "ShowBoat"
Robinson's Fabulous Harlem Clowns, LaMont "ShowBoat" Robinson. If you have any old programs, pictures and posters you would like for your memorabilia to be part of this Online Hall of Fame or the National Sports Hall of Fame Museum please let us know.

Send letters and memorabilia to the address below. All letters regarding the player(s) you would like to see inducted to the Maismith Basketball Hall of Fame will be forwarded directly to them. Also, email names of players and teams you would like to see inducted into the Comedy Basketball Hall of Fame, for 2011, to

Comedy Basketball Hall of Fame

P.O. BOX 560022
Cleveland, Ohio 44056

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